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Each child is unique. At Dr. Kadam’s Gurukul, we apprehend the strengths and weaknesses of a child and cast them in the mould for which they are naturally created. We offer wings to their aspirations by supporting them throughout in their overall development. For us, there is a unique personality inside every child. We just have to trace it and structure it with the growth of child and that is exactly what our school envisions to.

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Since 1993


We are committed to the pursuit of excellence. It is our goal to address the varying needs of our young students academically, socially, emotionally and in so doing, provide the highest quality educational experience to all. Our focus is on our children – helping them to believe in themselves and in each other, and helping them to take their places in the world.



Since 1993


To provide quality and comprehensive educational opportunities for all students in a high performing institution, dedicated to life-long learning, in a safe and caring environment, enable students to achieve individual excellence in order to attain their personal goals and become productive citizens and be successful in their future endeavours.

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Address: Dr. Kadam Gurukul School Pune Solapur highway corner Taluka Indapur District Pune 413106 Maharashtra .
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