Montessori Section

1 Pre-Primary Learning
Pre-Primary Learning ar Dr. Kadam Gurukul is informal and is done through play-way method using specially designed aids. Many creative activities are designed and followed by the teachers for the development of different skills of the children like gross motor, social, emotional and cognitive skills thus making them self-reliant.

2 Innovative Learning Technique
Alphabets and numbers are taught using phonetics.Classes are designed to be enjoyable using different techniques and children are taken to the field trips, which helps them in practical learning.

Middle Section

1 Opportunities and Equilibrium
          We believe in providing opportunities for students that extend to reflect in their work.We develop approaches to achieve balance and equilibrium in student’s life in context to self and rest of the world.
2 Study Oriented
          In middle section, children are more focused and study oriented.Activities are comparatively less and the focus is more on academics because our curious learners are ready to shoulder more responsibilities of learning new subjects.
3 Phase of Transformation
          At this stage, new subjects are introduced to the students and, therefore, this is a critical phase of transformation to mould the children for rigorous academic work. Students at this juncture, with their academic perfection, are prepared to achieve the highest standard.