Smart and Creative Classrooms

Dr. Kadam Gurukul adopts the SMART Boards and Multimedia Teaching, which enable students to adapt to new learning styles. A SMART Board allows an educator not only to relay information, but also to get students involved in the handling of the ideas.

Art and Craft Studio

The well-equipped, spacious Art and Craft Room provides ample opportunities for students to learn various skills in drawing, sketching, painting, origami, embroidery and other handicrafts.

Music Room

Dr. Kadam Gurukul believes that student is God gifted and thus gives each student a space to learn music. The School has a spacious and well-equipped Music room to train students in Indian Classical as well as Western Music.

Dance Studio

The dance studio of Dr. Kadam Gurukul gives a chance to each student to learn about dance and rhythm. To teach dance we have well trained teachers.

Indoor Sports

The School provides well equipped Indoor Sports Arena where all Indoor sports like Table Tennis, Badminton, Carom and Chess are played.

Sick Bay

We have a Sick bay at for basic medical emergencies with first aid facilities.

Computer Lab

The school has a spacious computer lab with well-furnished system in order to enable the children to learn computers. The School has accomplished computer faculties who make learning computers interesting.

Maths Lab

The Maths lab with all the mathematical resources ensures that learning the subject becomes more child centered, practical and fun.

Composite Science Lab

A well-equipped composite lab for Science Practical at Secondary level of School to satisfy the child’s curiosity through Experimentation is what Composite Lab is all about.


The School has a modern library with collection of carefully chosen books to cultivate good reading habits amongst students of all Grades. The Library is an important center for learning.

Language Lab

We have a modern, state-of-the-art language lab to encourage students to pay more attention to precise their pronunciation in English.

Outdoor Sports

Physical fitness is essential for overall development of the child. We have a wide variety of outdoor sports and in future our School Team will participate at various inter-school, district level,state level and national level competitions.

Kindergarten Play Area

It is a separate dedicated and protected area for the toddlers to play and enjoy their outdoor activity as they develop their gross motor skills.

Convenient Conveyors

The School has comfortable buses, to commute students to and from their residence. The school buses with their able and trained drivers and conductors, thus provide safe and secure transport for students.

Yoga & Meditation

To empower students thinking and learning process, the School had the provision of Yoga and Meditation. The students practice Yoga and Meditation under the guidance of an able Yoga teacher in the morning hours.

Security, Health and Hygiene

The school believes that children’s safety, security, health and hygiene is utmost important and therefore it takes care of all these factors on priority basis.