The Academic Director’s

The Academic Director's Address

            Dr Kadam Gurukul Kaleidoscope takes you on a round to our storehouse of the memories of various activities we conducted throughout the year. This short booklet is definitely not enough to give place to each and every photo or article that expresses the emotions of our students. We have brought to you the best photos and articles that represent all the students' heartfelt feelings.  The doors of opportunity at Dr. Kadam Gurukul are many. Students who come to our school find that they are capable of navigating the world as never before. DKG was not created to fit students into a certain mold. We are not a franchise where workers punch time-clocks to produce students with dreams of uniform shapes and sizes as they line up to walk through a prescribed door.

              At our school, students burst forth like multi-colored fireworks in pursuit of their passion, opening doors to fields of vocational interests. The DKG community has offered my family and me much over the past fifteen years. It has been a privilege to be a part of the growth and development of a great school and a wonderful welcoming community. Our young people are our best advocates; their energy, generosity and social conscience make both them and their parents proud. Working with them is rewarding and gives much hope for the future. So, a heartfelt thank you to parents, staff and students. I take my leave.

Dr. Savita Lahu Kadam

Academic Director