A Co-educational International Day-Boarding School, Dr. Kadam Gurukul offers CBSE based curriculum. The curriculum model is child-centered and adopts multiple-dimensions involving experiential learning and activity based approach along with continuous and comprehensive evaluation. The curriculum is based on the concept of various learning approaches and is broadly classified into the following categories:

Multiple Learning

The curriculum adopts multiple intelligence approach to improve the child’s verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, interpersonal and intra – personal intelligence.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning at Dr. Kadam Gurukul is a process that develops knowledge, skills and attitudes based on consciously thinking about an experience. Thus, it involves direct and active personal experience combined with reflection and feedback.

Activity Based Learning

Activity based learning lets the child learn and understand things at his or her own pace. This practice of learning ensures every child at Dr. Kadam Gurukul will learn on “I do, I understand” concept.