About Us

Welcome To Our Dr. kadam Gurukul

Welcome to DKG; A temple of learning for the holistic development of the young learner fostering intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials in a punishment free joyful, enthusiastic, pious and ashramite ambience.

Why DKG School is the Best School in Indapur, pune?

As a 21st Century learning organisation, DKG is dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic, success-oriented education program empowering students with a global and local perspective.


In the year 2011, 10 students entered into a small dingy room which was supposedly their school, and this was the first step towards a big dream visualized by a visionary educationist Dr. Lahu Kadam,


The Founder-Chairman of the DKG educational group. With numerous degrees into his pocket and myriad career options before him, this man chose an unsteady and thorny path of establishing a school that would be a school with a difference and serve mankind with real knowledge. That small room with ten students was the beginning of what you see today as DKG . With no external support and no godfather, the school rose to heights and crossed several milestones
year after year.


  • 360-degree metric-driven growth for each child.
  • Global standards yet affordable.
  • Best service. No reasonable inconvenience.


What Drives Us

Hear from our students and parents as they speak about how DKG has shaped their lives.