Trips And Expeditions

School Trips and Expeditions to Create Best Life Experience for Students

We at DKG believe, Trips and Expeditions for students are the best way to gain experience and learn from the same.

Trips and Expedition give a ground-level reality check to students about various aspects, and these experiences are so valuable that in nature that no amount of money can even buy them or fetch it for these students.

At DKG, we majorly organize three kinds of trips and expeditions: -

Study Tours:A Variety of study tours are organized for all the children across the year. Some of the notable study tours include a visit to Botanical and Zoological Gardens, Tribal Fairs, Museums, Heritage Sites like Pune and Mumbai, and factories like Chocolate, Sonai dairy and CIFA give them an insight on Pisciculture.

National Tours:At DKG, National Tours for interested students are planned to places like Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, Science Centre in Mumbai and the Heritage Palaces of Pune.