Chairman’s Message

The Chairman’s Address

It gives me great pleasure that WE all Gurukulites have been marching towards the Goal which we as the active members of society are aspiring about educating youngsters. Through continuous self-introspection, feedbacks from the beneficiaries and vision of rapid need of changes in child development we lead a devoted team.

We are faced with everyday challenges. We treat every individual student as a special one, hence we have commitment and zest not to neglect even a single student.

Need of today’s young ones is very vastly boundless. We are aware of the tireless work of our human resources. Still a lot is to be done: We accept our limitations too. Entire Gurukulite staff has been working honestly with love and compassion towards budding future responsible citizens.

I personally congratulate ALL who have been working for molding the future in terms of scientific, artistic, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth of the students. I congratulate all students, parents, teachers for taking honest efforts in the journey of all events throughout the year. I am happy that every day of the academic year is meant to be celebrated with enthusiasm. I wish the best of luck to all and pray for peace, joy, satisfaction and compassion to attain harmony in life.

Dr. Lahu Shreepati Kadam