Unique Curriculum

After the continuous research the curriculum is developed which not only will impart quality education but will also inculcate all round development amongst the children. This will be based on National Curriculum Framework 2005.

Holistic Approach

Dr. Kadam Gurukul adopts holistic approach to child development by integrating the modern facilities like Smart class rooms, Computer lab, Wi-Fi and Multi-media with traditional values through wisdom series, festivals and a variety of approaches to help educate and grow children into healthy, sustainable adults ready and eager to serve the society.

Experiential Learning

The more you practice and experiment, the more involved you get into a task and consequently you learn more and better. This is the policy we follow in our schools. Every child is born with his own genius. We just try and make the child see what lies inside him and channelize that talent in the appropriate manner, leading to overall development of every individual.

Integrating Values

Indeed practice makes a man perfect and thus we offer enough opportunities and platforms to our students to practice and learn. We value the importance of having Clubs, Societies, Workshops, Debating, Storytelling, Quiz, Calligraphy and many more activities where a child absorbs more owing to applied learning technique.

Stress Free Environment

It is very important for personality development of a child for him to be in a stress-free environment. Thus, we incorporate a setup wherein a child is not overburdened with studies, homework and even activities. He learns at his pace through the means that are developed tactically to benefit him absorb the most. This builds his confidence and gives a boost to his personality.

Day Boarding

Day Boarding at Dr. Kadam Gurukul is optional. A day boarding school with long hours provides opportunity to the children to complete their academic work during the school hours along with ample time for creative pursuits, hobbies and sports. It also provides opportunity to the child to develop good eating habits, etiquettes and manners.

Hostel Facility

Separate well-furnished Boys and Girls Hostel Facility is available at Dr. Kadam’s Gurukul. The Hostel is safe, comfortable and a home away from home under the tender love & care of full-time Hostel Wardens and Matrons. The Hostel Routine will make the students disciplined, self-dependent and responsible.